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  1. The Y3 Collaboration

    The Y3 Collaboration

    The Y3 label is a collaboration between Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. Yamamoto is world-renowned for his sneaker designs which are cutting-edge and innovative whilst Adidas are world-renowned for their sportswear.

    The collaboration was created to combine Yamamoto’s fashionable aesthetics with Adidas’s advanced sportswear. The resulting line of Y3 sneakers throughout the years has been a massive success, kick starting the ‘athleisure’ industry and showing that sportswear and fashion can crossover.

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  2. The History of Nike Air Max

    The History of Nike Air Max

    In a 2016 Esquire article listing the 9 most iconic trainers of all time, the Nike Air Max 1 came in third; second only to the Adidas Stan Smith and Converse All-Star. 

    One of the most popular trainer lines of all time, Nike still sells millions of Air Max each year to everyone from athletes looking for comfort and performance to casual wearers looking for a stylish, everyday shoe.

    But how did this iconic shoe come into being? 

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  3. The Dassler Brothers And The Birth Of Two Iconic Brands: Adidas & Puma

    After returning from World War 1 a young Adolf Dassler began to make sports shoes in his kitchen. Supported by his father who worked in a shoe factory in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria and other workmen, he started a business. In 1924 his brother Rudolph Dassler joined him and the pair created a company called Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (literally the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in Herzogenaurach.

    With their innovative running spike design they went to the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and convinced US track superstar Jesse Owens to wear them. Owens won four Gold medals at the Olympics wearing Dassler spikes and they became an instant hit. Before the start of the second world war the company was selling more than 200,000 pairs of spikes annually.

    But how did this successful sports footwear company evolve into two of the biggest brands on the world stage? Find out!

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  4. Slam Dunk Branding: Michael Jordan & Nike

    In 1984 one of the most famous, most lucrative sponsorship deals in the history of sports sponsorship was signed: Michael Jordan and Nike.

    It was a deal that would see the basketball legend - then a rookie - earn more than $7 million over five years and cement the Air Jordan brand into trainer history. Read about how it happened!

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